Baby Gets New Shoes

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Shiny gold high heels.

Finding the right theme is almost as exciting as buying a new pair of shoes. And no — you’ll never catch me in these high heels no matter how pretty they are.

New theme implemented …

» Responsive, it should display well on phones & other small devices.
» Ability to have two column sidebars.
» Ability to have three footer widgets.
» Still easy to maintain.
» Home link in top menu works but what is displayed is code. ~ Fixed
» Clicking on logo at top does NOT go to Home page.
» All pages are showing both sidebars.
» Need to add my images to the sliders.

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Is Having Genealogy Computer Files Cleaner Good Enough?

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Computer, Data

Just how clean do I have to get my genealogy computer files? Which led me to a few questions?

» Naming conventions: does every genealogy file have to follow a naming convention?
» What if large portion of such files are ALREADY in your computer database?
—-» Do you have to rename the files in your computer database to match the naming convention for that file?
—-» Would it be okay to rename some of them but not all of them?
» Is it okay to have your genealogy files cleaner even if they are pristine?

Why do we drag our feet doing this?

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Trying on New Shoes

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New shoes - Hot! Red Heels

When I try on a pair of shoes that I really really think I’m going to buy, I like to wear ‘em around the store for a while. Walk on the carpet. Walk on the wood floor. The tile floor. So bear with me while I try on new “site shoes”. Bear with me a little bit while I try these out.

What you are SUPPOSED to do!

I’m supposed to do all the work in a test area. Make all the changes. Test everything. Even run some user tests. BUT I don’t really have a test server per se. And what fun would you have?

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UPDATE: Unhappy with Site Theme


I am NOT happy![pullquote]Update appears at end of post.[/pullquote]How do you know you are unhappy with your site theme
         I knew I was but I kept thinking things would get better. What's that definition of stupidity? Doing the same thing that you did before & expecting a different result. When that thought hit me I realized that things weren't going to change. Anyway, for a how-to-know list, click the title.Read More