Pressing the #PauseGenealogyDoOver Button

Dang. I hate having to do this … Too much on my plate. Nothing changing until April. Sometimes you are just so excited about what COULD happen that you ignore what ya oughta know.
      Notice this is a PAUSE button & not a Stop button.
How I Will Participate… ~ ~ ~ ~ Click title to read full post.

End of Genealogy Do-Over Week 1: Decisions & Actions

It’s the end of Genealogy Do-Over Week 1 & it’s time to reveal the results of decisions & actions for the topics of Week 1. I am amazed & excited at how much GDO if helping me truly FOCUS on what I need to do & when I need to do it. Ya have to make decisions, take actions & probably will end up with an To-Do list. Have you addressed each of the topics? Do you have a written goal, measurable & doable? ~~ Click on the title to read another approach to completing Week 1 of Genealogy Do-Over.

Make Your Genealogy Beautiful. Have a Do-Over!

Is YOUR Genealogy a Mess? Time for a Genealogy Do-Over!

You Know UGLY When You See It!

You Know UGLY When You See It! – Modified Microsoft Word Image

When UGLY & MESSY describe your OWN genealogy, it’s hard to even know what to do next.

There’s a potential solution and it’s available to you for FREE. Your genealogy can be beautiful. But it will take work. YOUR work. Click the title to Read ALL of the Post.

11 Ways To Get Genealogy Motivated in 2015

Thinking — please wait

I’m a little late since it has been a LONG time since my last post. I should have posted that picture in October!!! But it doesn’t mean I’ve been idle … In fact I have done a LOT of thinking! It’s the time of year to THINK … It’s also a time of year to PLAN.

Click on title or Read More for 11 Ways to Get Motivated About 2015.

An Idea for YOUR Genealogy & Halloween

Write a memory or several memories of going Trick or Treatin’ when you were a child. If the memory is a good one & your children or grandchildren are small, share the memory with them. NOW!
      If the memory is not so wonderful, write it anyway and share with your children or older grandchildren.
For A Genealogy Halloween Story example, click on the Title.



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