Be Careful re Spam Posing as

Email that SAYS it from but it’s not. You can tell without opening the email by checking the full header. If the message does not have after the @ sign — it’s spam. Be Careful!

Why did I suspect? Several reasons. Click on the title to find out how to check when you suspect a bad message.

Ancestry DNA Matches To Improve SIGNIFICANTLY

Glory, Hallelujah! I still look at my Ancestry DNA Matches but less often. As in FAR less often. Some of my fellow genealogy researchers have stopped looking at them. Period. Well, hold onto your hat! Our numbers of matches are about to drop like a rock. ~ Judy G. Russell Click title to read full more.

New Evernote Web Client in Beta

Today when I logged into my Evernote Web Client, I was asked if I wanted to try the new BETA Web Client. Clicking “YES” I was impressed immediately. Very clean & open. Very easy to understand for any Evernote user. My initial reaction was “Wow! I really like this.”

I believe this is a much easier interface for new Evernote users.
Well, it’s also good for us “old” users too.

Why I’m Not Upgrading to Legacy 8–Why I Think YOU Should

Hardly seems fair, hun? I think you should upgrade to Legacy 8 if the answer is YES to both of these questions.
Do YOU Use Legacy now? Is It Your Primary Genealogy Tool?
These are the key questions. And there’s another one…Have YOU Decided or ALMOST Decided Legacy is YOUR Primary Tool? This upgrade has some really neat things. Click the title to know whether you need to upgrade|purchase or not.
     Oh yea — and why I’m not going to.

Think I Love You “Benny”

Have You Upgraded to WordPress 4.0?

The upgrade takes LITERALLY seconds. Follow the advice of experts.

  • Site template has been kept up-to-date.
  • Plugins are up-to-date.
  • Backup complete of site BEFORE upgrade.

I’ve seen write-ups on TWO things that have caused problems…

FINALLY! My TNG Site Has Been Upgraded

    Why Are We Afraid to Upgrade? Why does the fear of failure stops us in our tracks? Even when we know exactly why we are “stuck”? We still let the fear bring us to a screeching halt. So why ARE we afraid? ~ How to Get Moving Again. … What follows is WHAT to do to get the work done. And done successfully.

Oct. Bad News for FTM Users on Vista or XP

Dick Eastman posted “Changes for Family Tree Maker Support When Used with Windows XP” on 13 Aug 2014. The Windows XP reference is why I didn’t read it for two days. Would I have read it immediately had I seen “Changes for Family Tree Maker Support When Used with Windows Vista“. You bet.

For me, this means my secondary (backup) laptop which runs Vista will not be usable for FTM. What does it mean for you if you are running Vista or even XP?



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