Now TWO Pages on Windows 10

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Two windows = two pages.

Two Pages on Windows 10

1) Things to Know about Windows 10 (Before Installing)
2) *NEW* What To Do After Installing Windows 10 — all entries that are in "Things to Know" applicable to this page have been "moved".

There is a SCARY (at least to me) DEFAULT. Below is a quote from one of the articles added to #2 tonight:

"By default, Microsoft gets to see your location, keystrokes and browser history -- and listen to your microphone, and some of that stuff is shared with "trusted [by Microsoft, not by you] partners." ~ Source shown on full page.

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5 New Links Added to Windows 10 page…and More

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c9d732f27eaf5469_640_windows1Windows 10, a different beast than previous windows versions. Why.

The 5 new links on the the "Things to know about Windows 10" page. Things I believe you REALLY want to know such as Windows 10 Secretly Uses Your Bandwidth to Distribute Updates to Other People or How to clean up & recover disk space after a Windows 10 update.

A **suggested** method for upgrading when you are technically challenged & one other goodie. Go ahead. Click ...

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To Upgrade to Windows 10 or…Not

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These are only two windows, not Windows 10.

"Oh dear! Windows 10. Should I upgrade? It is free, isn't it?"

Unless you've been on another planet, you've heard about Windows 10. If you are even a little bit of a techy in your local genealogy world, you are being asked questions. And if you aren't a techy, you KNOW you have questions.

Definitely Read more for how you can learn Things You Want to Know about upgrading to Windows 10.

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Genealogy Doldrums

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Doggy DoldrumsSummer Slump? ~ I'm having a wonderful summer. Multiple visits from my children & grandchildren. It doesn't get any better than that. So why do I feel a lot like the doggy in this picture? I should be eagerly scanning photos. Updating my database. Posting new info to my genealogy site. This web site. Etc. Etc. I've got closets to clean out; no genealogy lurking in them I'm sorry to say. An office to straighten ... again! And I'm not in the mood to do any of it. Is there a "fix" for getting out of the doldrums?Read More