How to Exchange WordPress & Facebook Posts, Part 1

The Limiting Factors of Exchanging WordPress & Facebook posts for FREE…

My research shows it’s a one-way capability. So a decision is needed.

  • Is the need to auto-post from WordPress to a Facebook page?
  • Or vice versa?

But I want to be able to do both… So can I? If not, why not? What things need to be considered?

IdoGenealogy has a Facebook page

It’s almost ready for real use although there is nothing to stop you from going there now. I’m working on setting up the ability that when I post on the IdoGenealogy WordPress blog, an excerpt will “automagically” appear on the IdoGenealogy Facebook page at the next scheduled time.

Evernote, A Great Genealogy Tool On A Budget

I have more confidence that THIS is the year that I will make the greatest steps in my genealogy research. All because I started using Evernote.

Lots of discussion on Facebook Groups about this tool. A tool that works. Has apps galore. AND Evernote fits YOUR genealogy budget! And MINE.

Not Making a Decision *IS* Making a Decision

Geez! Make up your mind already! Ever felt like this when dealing without someone who just will NOT decide anything. Even the simplest things. And the ONE THING the person doesn’t seem to realize — not making a decision *is* making a decision. Trying to...

WP: A Fun Time NOT Had By All | UPDATE!

WordPress 3.9 Upgrade & More Problems Than I Want I think I’ve mentioned before I have more than one site — on one the upgrade to 3.9 was automatic and went smoooooooooth as butter. On the rest I got errors. All but this site were fixed & upgraded...



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