What’s Happening in YOUR Genealogy World?

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Old World Map.What's Happening?

“Nothing with Genealogy. Absolutely nothing. But I sure am busy doing (or having to do) a lot of Other Things.”

Are you thinking of either one of these or both?
» I haven't entered anything new in my genealogy for—well, it feels like forever.
» I'm doing everything else it seems BUT genealogy. I'm frustrated. And I feel guilty.

Are you beating yourself up just a little bit?

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An Expanded “American Wars & Engagements Before 1900” List

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Battlefield of Gettysburgh [sic] : Headquarters of U.S. Sanitary Commission by New York Public Library

Why post this list? Because many genealogists do not know of all the "wars" which might have affected their ancestors. I certainly don't; do you?

Read the full post for more insight into the list & why it is called "expanded". If you have seen such lists before, this 'expanded' list provides extra for the researcher.

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Technology Issues = Major Annoyance ~ Updated

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As well as bring genealogy progress to a screeching halt!

We are faced with Windows 10 upgrade.

We are faced with updates to our genealogy software.

We sometimes find our favorite software is ceasing to update.

Web sites that are gone, down, or not working quite right. ~ Drat! I'm going to have to install a new theme!

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Update to “Broken Search” — It’s FIXED!!!!!

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Broken or over-easy egg?Updated 18-Aug-2015: Thanks to assistance from the theme company the search at the top right of the site now works correctly. My logo is bigger than the one provided in the template. Turns out the size of the logo was causing the search problem. I'm thankful to SMThemes for their assistance & for providing a fix that wasn't "reduce the size of your logo".Read More