FINALLY! My TNG Site Has Been Upgraded

    Why Are We Afraid to Upgrade? Why does the fear of failure stops us in our tracks? Even when we know exactly why we are “stuck”? We still let the fear bring us to a screeching halt. So why ARE we afraid? ~ How to Get Moving Again. … What follows is WHAT to do to get the work done. And done successfully.

Oct. Bad News for FTM Users on Vista or XP

Dick Eastman posted “Changes for Family Tree Maker Support When Used with Windows XP” on 13 Aug 2014. The Windows XP reference is why I didn’t read it for two days. Would I have read it immediately had I seen “Changes for Family Tree Maker Support When Used with Windows Vista“. You bet.

For me, this means my secondary (backup) laptop which runs Vista will not be usable for FTM. What does it mean for you if you are running Vista or even XP?

Genealogists Love Laptops Except When They Get Hot

Every spouse of a genealogist enthusiast says “S/he is ALWAYS on her/his laptop!”

And we are. I admit it. It’s almost like it’s semi-attached to our bodies. We truly believe we can multi-task and watch TV and work on our genealogy. I do it ALL the time!

HOT laptops shut down suddenly & make genealogists snarly. The fix…

How to Exchange WordPress & Facebook Posts, Part 2

I really wish I was an artist. Even a tiny bit of one. I’d put the logo for Jetpack on a white horse galloping toward my castle. But you will just have to visualize it.

With Jetpack plugin, exchanging data between WordPress & Facebook Is EASY!

I just wished I had figured out before I spent SO much time looking at other “stuff” (stuff in this case is a HIGHLY technical term). The good news is you don’t have to!

How to Exchange WordPress & Facebook Posts, Part 1

The Limiting Factors of Exchanging WordPress & Facebook posts for FREE…

My research shows it’s a one-way capability. So a decision is needed.

  • Is the need to auto-post from WordPress to a Facebook page?
  • Or vice versa?

But I want to be able to do both… So can I? If not, why not? What things need to be considered?

IdoGenealogy has a Facebook page

It’s almost ready for real use although there is nothing to stop you from going there now. I’m working on setting up the ability that when I post on the IdoGenealogy WordPress blog, an excerpt will “automagically” appear on the IdoGenealogy Facebook page at the next scheduled time.



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