Happy Dance! Renaming Media Files in TNG

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Happy Dance!!!! I'm the short one on the left!Renaming media files does NOT mean uploading AGAIN! ~ Thus my happy dance. I took a chance this afternoon. Ran a test. And it worked!!

You see -- you cannot change the file name within The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG). So click "Read more" to see how I did it. PLUS -- how to put a picture into the Notes area of your cemetery entries.Read More

How To Enter Data in TNG When Not Using a GEDCOM, Part 1

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LincolnGroup / PixabayFeeling stuck? Not accomplishing anything? ~ That's the way I was feeling. While things weren't perfect in my TNG site, I definitely was ready to start entering new data. But every time I'd start I felt inefficient. Clumsy. Like I had never updated genealogy data before instead of almost 17 years. I knew there had to be a better way than what I had tried. Talk about frustrated! So I asked a question on the TNG Facebook public group & got some great answers. Read More

Been a busy couple of weeks…

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I hope YOU are active in a genealogical society.
I hope you attend local or regional genealogical events.

Last weekend our local (and regional) genealogy society (NEAGS) held its annual Ancestor Swap Meet & sessions. It’s our major fund-raiser of the year. Those of us on the “swap meet” committee did what ALL good event members do — put in LOTS of time before the event to ensure a great experience for all.

Do I look happy?

You left me for genealogy?!?
© L.Peach

That’s what I’ve been “absent” folks. Why I haven’t posted here or on the IdoGenealogy Facebook page.

Busy. Much busier than this LORL is used to. My husband understood, bless him!

My dog though — my “personal genealogy manager” was not so understanding.

Being away multiple times a day several days in a row was not acceptable behavior on my part...

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Baby Gets New Shoes

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Shiny gold high heels.

Finding the right theme is almost as exciting as buying a new pair of shoes. And no — you’ll never catch me in these high heels no matter how pretty they are.

New theme implemented …

» Responsive, it should display well on phones & other small devices.
» Ability to have two column sidebars.
» Ability to have three footer widgets.
» Still easy to maintain.
» Home link in top menu works but what is displayed is code. ~ Fixed
» Clicking on logo at top does NOT go to Home page. ~ Fixed
» All pages are showing both sidebars.
» Need to add my images to the sliders. ~ Fixed

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