Some Decisions re Where Do I Start? What Do I Do Next?

Some Decisions re Where Do I Start? What Do I Do Next?

Just because I haven’t posted did not mean I haven’t been thinking. And it came down to this — what are my goals? Genealogy goals? Internet site goals? Family? Volunteer?

Making NO Decision Is STILL Making a Decision

My take-away from my last post, Where Do I Start? What Do I Do Next? was the only person who really cares is me. To reach decisions it helped to take a cruise recently where I had no access to the internet for days at a time. I deliberately left my laptop at home. I had planned on using my iPad & Fire (with a blue tooth keyboard) to stay up on emails. Connectivity wasn’t very good & I wasn’t in the mood to find a good connection. I guess I needed the downtime. But that time was enormously helpful in decision making.

The Decision – Make Some Major & Minor Changes in All The Above.

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Where Do I Start? What Do I Do Next?

Where Do I Start? What Do I Do Next?

I was so right to go on hiatus. I had no idea how much I had to do & how long it would take me. And none of it was about genealogy or this blog.

Ever notice that it takes twice the amount of time you think it will take?

  • Is that because I’m just bad at time estimation?
  • Or is it because I’ve gotten older?
  • Or could it be that since I retired I don’t have to push myself to a level of exhaustion to stay on top of things?

I don’t want to admit to the first bullet. Cool And I can’t deny the second. And the third is absolutely true.

Your Help Needed.

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So why the questions that titled this post?
I need your help!

I need to change “templates” for this site.

It’s too restrictive. But a GREAT blog template for starting out in WordPress. I need to broaden to having at least two menus. I need to put more info upfront but short. Move it from “just a blog” into more of a genealogy info site.

Question #1: No one ever does this. You develop your new site elsewhere & then move everything in and ta-dah! You have a new look for your site.

Do you want me to do THAT? Or would you like to travel along with the process and have input into what you like and don’t. I’ll still make the final decision but I really would like your input. BUT!!! I don’t want to annoy you the reader either.  You can use the contact me off the menu OR leave a comment below.

Question #2: This was my first “go live with it” WordPress site. I’ve done two more since then and frankly I’ve learned a few do’s and a few don’ts. I’ve included some things under a WordPress option in my menu & categories. I am thinking of creating ANOTHER site for the WordPress stuff. Would you prefer that? Or just expand this one.

Question #3: Do you like a pretty background like this one? And the one before? or more of a color with variations of texture and/or gradients? Do you even care? BTW, this background is going to change in a little bit … even though we did have snow again last week!

I really need an answer to these questions. I truly want to hear what YOU think!

Questions in a nutshell:

1) Would you like to see the site as it processes through a new template change?
2) Would you like to see the WordPress “stuff” move to another site?
3) Opinion on site background.

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Followup to “Why I Have No Time for Genealogy” & “Hiatus”

Followup to “Why I Have No Time for Genealogy” & “Hiatus”

Reason #5 – Fulfilling Commitments

Time always seems to be a challenge for those of us working with our genealogy. It’s not a job for us. And frankly we don’t want it to be. Been there — done that — don’t even WANT a t-shirt!

Back in Oct 2013, I wrote “Reasons #1-4: Why I Have No Time for Genealogy & The Solution” and it’s all still valid today.  But #3, Choose your yeses carefully carry with it another word: COMMITMENTS.

photo by: James Jordan
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Hiatus Until January – Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas Poinsettias

PublicDomainPictures  / Pixabay

I Love Christmas!

I’ve always loved it. From childhood I loved everything about it. The music. The smells that mean Christmas — evergreen, chocolate, cinnamon. As soon as my mother would let me, I helped decorate our tree. In ye olden days, not much else was decorated. Christmas was programs at school, recitals, church programs. Learning new Christmas pieces on the piano. Watching the few Christmas programs on tv. And helping my mother bake. Everything but the fruitcake. I still don’t like it. She made a no-bake fruitcake that everyone swore was the best in the world.

Emerald Princess, cruise ship

Cruise Ship
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Vacation and Hiatus

My hubby and I took a vacation in November but I expected to post content. However, the connectivity was painful slow most of the time. Enough so that I couldn’t trust working online or even uploading content.

But I did think of some awesome articles and outlined several. I also figured out how to clean up some of the FACTS data in Family Tree Maker. At least one article, probably two will cover it. I’m excited about the articles coming in 2014.

And, by the way, the trip was absolutely fantastic.

Genealogy is Family

Genealogy is all about family. And I’m focusing on family this month. I still have a few Christmas presents to buy. ALL of them yet to be wrapped. Am decorating the house and these days I put up Christmas TREES! This year 5. I have put up as many as 13. I do traditional trees as well as theme trees.

And this year I will have all my grandchildren here which will be wonderful. This month it is about creating memories. Memories for every person who will be here over the holidays.

I remember many past Christmases. Don’t you? It’s time to create my own bit of genealogy this Christmas..

To do all of this without over stressing, I’m taking a hiatus until after the first of January.

Baby Jesus in the manaer with animals.

Baby Jesus, image courtesy of

Christmas is The Celebration of God’s Greatest Gift

While we all enjoy these days with our families and friends, let us keep close to our heart the real meaning of Christmas. The birth of the Christ child. Baby Jesus. Our Savior.

To everyone, a Very Merry Christmas
and may God light your pathways in the New Year.


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WordPress 3.7 Update Has Nice Feature For Users Too!

WordPress Version 3.7 Latest Update

Improved Search Results

Search results are now ordered by how well the search query matches a post, instead of ordered only by date. For example, when your search terms match a post title, that result will be pushed to the top.

~ from the Welcome to WordPress 3.7 page
shown after the update completes.

WordPress Updates Concentrate on the Admin Area

Version 3.7 has some nice features in the WordPress administrative area; however …

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